Brand: Polaris

Polaris - Supernova OG - Indoor - Joint - 1g

Rolled up and ready to smoke, Pre-Rolls are a convenient and effective way to consume cannabis. Pre-Rolls come in many different forms and can be rolled with flower, shake, "b-buds", infused with concentrates, and more.

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About the brand :

Established in 2014, Polaris MMJ was created to satisfy the medical needs of patients. Polaris “coined” the North Star, is the unwavering trustworthy guide in the sky. At Polaris MMJ they strive to mimic these cosmic origins by setting industry standards. Polaris MMJ continually endeavors towards providing direction through the quality and consistency in products. As Polaris the Star is considered a guide, Polaris MMJ also seeks to be a guide in the Cannabis industry.

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