Cookies Flamingo 710 Day Deals & Discounts

Join us on July 10th for 710 Day at Cookies Flamingo Las Vegas! This cannabis holiday is the perfect time to dive into our premium cannabis oil products and cannabis concentrates. As a leading cannabis brand, we are dedicated to authenticity, innovation, and community. Don’t miss out on our exclusive 710 Day deals and discounts!

Why Shop with Us on 710 Day?

At Cookies Flamingo Las Vegas, we pride ourselves on offering premium cannabis products that are curated for quality and potency. Here’s why most people choose us:

  • Authenticity: We stay true to our brand’s origins and culture, ensuring every product reflects our commitment to quality and innovation.
  • Innovation: We pioneer new strains and cannabis products, bringing you the best in cannabis genetics.
  • Community: We build a global lifestyle brand and community, supporting local initiatives and fostering connections.

Unbeatable 710 Day Discounts

Make your 710 Day unforgettable with special promotions on our cannabis oil products and concentrates:

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What is 710 Day?

710 Day, also known as National Oil Day or Dab Day, is celebrated on July 10th. When you flip the term 710 upside down, it spells oil, highlighting cannabis oils and cannabis concentrates. This day is dedicated to the cannabis community, especially cannabis enthusiasts who enjoy consuming cannabis oil products and cannabis extracts. It’s a day to celebrate the vibrant cannabis culture and the rising popularity of cannabis concentrates in the mainstream cannabis industry.

How to Prepare for Dab Day

Stay prepared with a few tips:

  • Stock Up and Indulge: Grab all your favorite cannabis oils and concentrates 🛒. With our special 710 Day promotions, you can load up on all the Cookies Flamingo goodies you crave. It’s a shopping spree with no regrets! 💚
  • Shine Up Your Dab Rig: A sparkling clean dab rig means better flavor and potency ✨. Give it a good scrub. Clean rig, happy hits! 💨
  • Choose Your Faves: Whether you’re into live resin, hash oil, or another type of concentrate, have your top picks ready to go 🧪.
  • Stay Updated: Follow us on social media for the latest 710 Day deals and product drops 📱. Don’t miss out on exclusive offers that could make your celebration even sweeter. 🎁
  • Try Something Different: Haven’t ventured into a new type of concentrate before? 710 Day is the perfect excuse to explore and experiment 🔍. Who knows, you might find a new favorite! 🌿
  • Dab with Friends: Dabbing is always better with good company 👯‍♂️. Invite your friends over, share some dabs, and enjoy the festive vibes together. It’s all about spreading the love! 💖
  • Hydrate to Celebrate: Amid all the dabbing and fun, don’t forget to stay hydrated 💧. Keep water handy and take breaks to ensure you’re feeling great all day long. 🥤
  • Pace Yourself: 710 Day is for savoring, not rushing 🕰️. Start with small dabs and take your time. Enjoy the journey and keep things mellow to avoid any overindulgence. 🌌

Celebrate the high-flying vibes of 710 Day with Cookies Flamingo Las Vegas. Grab our smokin’ deals and blaze responsibly.


What does 710 mean?

Did you know that when you flip 710 upside down, it spells oil? It’s a fun way to represent cannabis oils and concentrates.

What is the significance of 710 day?

710 Day is all about celebrating the culture and fun of cannabis oil products and extracts!

What is the origin of 710 day?

The term 710 started gaining popularity around the early 2010s, kind of like how we all know about the 420 holiday.

Why celebrate 710?

It’s a day all about appreciating and enjoying cannabis concentrates, a growing part of the cannabis industry.

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